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Covid-19 Situation

Updated on June 16, 2020

Operational status of the shop and order processing

We are fully operational, orders are well processed, shipped and delivered, as usual. Our entire supply chain and staff are currently fully operational in this period of exceptional crisis. Orders are not currently impacted, and we process them according to the usual deadlines.


For all our shipping methods, the majority of packages are successfully delivered, according to the usual delivery times. However, depending on the evolution of the situation, possible delays are to be considered. We note that delivery delays are currently infrequent, and packages are still well delivered.

Since early June 2020, all shipping methods are now available. The economical delivery methods, which had been temporarily stopped, are again available.

If the delivery of your package is delayed due to the current crisis, please contact us, we will make every effort necessary to have the package delivered to you as soon as possible.

Covid-19 situation in China and crisis management by our shop

The health crisis is now under control in China, the country is gradually resuming normal activity. From the start of the crisis, we acted quickly and efficiently to continue processing orders from our customers, despite the difficulties. The fact that we are located directly in China and in direct contact with producers and artisans, gives us great flexibility in the face of this type of crisis. This is the reason why, in the most serious moments of this health crisis in China, we nevertheless managed to process and dispatch most of the orders, while many other shops had temporarily stopped their activities. Thanks to our presence in China and our flexibility to adapt, we were able to limit delays in processing orders, and the impact of the crisis was only very limited on our store. After the Chinese New Year, the operational situation of our shop quickly returned to normal, from the beginning of March.