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Personalized imitation Cotton Silk Tai Chi & Kung Fu Uniform

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Personalized imitation Cotton Silk Tai Chi & Kung Fu Uniform

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Upscale cotton and silk Tai Chi uniform, fabric more dense, all sizes available. Customized sleeve length and pants style, it emphasizes the details. Combination of colors according to your choice!

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China covid restrictions: we are fully operational, orders are well processed, shipped and delivered as usual.

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  • Brand : Webmartial ®
  • Color : red, dark red, watermelon red, light yellow, gray, white, black, blue, light blue, light pink, brillant rose, light purple.
  • Fabric : Upper range fabric made from vegetable fibers, very soft and comfortable, wrinkle resistant, anti-crease, good fixation of the color. Easy to maintain. Stronger and thicker than silk. This kind of fabric retains a flattened shape, even after washing. It combine the good quality of cotton and viscose.
  • Shrinkage : no
  • Range : TRADITION


  • Central closing. To ease your movement and let you feel free, we add an additional border 3 cm, wider than usual, at the central below the buttons,
  • Beautiful smooth borders.


  • Buttons made by hand, respect the tradition.


  • Refined cut. 2 parts of sleeves, inherited the traditional Tai Chi uniform style.


  • Short or long sleeves with closed buttons, depending on your choice.


  • Personalized uniform highlights the details, triangular cut at the armpits, to reinforce the most used parts.


  • Customized long sleeves, sleeve ends with buttons and extra scratch for a better closure.


  • Loose pants with elastic waistband with a tunneled braided rope.


  • A secret pocket on the inside of your pants.


  • Elastic at bottom fit well the ankles to avoid the wind enter.



  • Measurements (bust, waist, hips) should be measured directly on your body, these are not the measurements of the clothes.

  • We work on the actual measurements of our customers and not based on a standardized reference table for all customers.
  • This allows us to go into details, to work individually on each customer, and to help our customers get the clothes that suit them best.
  • Lead-time : 7-15 days.


  • Image : association logo or your own graphic design.
  • Letters : name of the association, name of the discipline practiced.
  • Chinese characters: you can give us the text in english, we can translate it in Chinese for you.

Order the embrodery service : Embroidered LOGO service for jacket


  • Short-sleeved, we recommend to practice the Kung Fu North Style, often used with a Kung Fu belt.
  • Long-sleeved outfits worn by Tai Chi practitioners, Tai Chi silk outfit. Very usual in China during spring and autumn.
  • A combination of colors 100% according to your choice, the jacket and the pants can have different colors. For example red jacket, black pants.
  • Choice of borders and buttons colors : you can choose a different color than the jacket color, this makes the jacket more dynamic and remarkable.


Washing and maintaining your uniform